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The Club

Why Old Edinburgh?

The Old Edinburgh Club was founded in 1908 with the aim of recording the vanishing evidence of Edinburgh's history, its buildings and its past inhabitants, from prehistoric times onwards. The Club's original focus was the Old Town, where so much destruction had been wrought during the 50 years since the Improvement Act of 1867, but it was soon recognised that other areas of the city also deserved historical consideration. We remain the only local history society in Edinburgh which concerns itself with the whole of the city.

Why a Club?

Originally membership was restricted to 300 people, and to become a member you had to be nominated. Membership has long since been open to anyone who wants to further their interest in the history and development of Edinburgh. Our original name lives on, and so does one of our founding activities and principal functions, the publication of The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club. Members are entitled to a free copy of the book which is published every 2 or 3 years. In addition we run an annual programme of lectures and guided visits to places of interest.


The Club is run by a Council elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. Any member interested in joining the Council should contact the President.